One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below

Danell Marks | Baker, Photographer, Story Teller, Entrepreneur

I find so much inspiration from other people-I’ve spent many years of my life as a caregiver for elderly. I love it. I love helping others…. Listening to stories of our local history, and lives of these strong women that I’ve cared for and blessed to spend so much time with. Listening to how these women over came hard times with their persistence and perseverance. The importance of being part of our local community and giving back. Both my grandmothers were widows fairly young- they were strong women that continued to raise their children by themselves. Both my grandmothers were bakers for local restaurants and both became caregivers. My grandmothers and their friends were such a part of our local community, I guess you’d say it’s in our blood! From them, I’ve collected amazing recipes and techniques. But also, it’s not about just good food but how much joy sitting around and sharing something made from scratch and sharing with people we love. Read more>>

Jamuelle Zumel | Director, Producer & Creative

Right now, I’ve been drawn into really learning more about the history of my Filipino culture and even more specifically, the history of my own family. I went into a project where I had the chance to share stories of the elders in my family and I had called my dad to make sure I had all of my facts straight. That quickly changed as I learned so many different aspects of my family that I never even knew before. My whole life, I didn’t know that I am actually 1/4 Taiwanese and 3/4 Filipino from my Lolo (Grandfather) from my Mom’s side. I learned all about his life and how he actually had owned and operated Chinese Restaurants in Manila back in the Philippines and that my Lola (Grandma) had also owned a bakery that my Mom and Sister would help make pastries for.I’ve found a new sense of inspiration through my own family and cultural history and I know I still have so much more to learn. Read more>>

Joseph Bourdeau | Musician

I’m really inspired by coincidences and synchronicity. Moments where you happen to drop a plate at exactly the same time that someone outside honks a car horn, or when the music playing in a bar lines up with the action on a nearby television. I feel like those moments remind me that the world is made up of so many little moving parts that are all interacting in surprising ways whether they realize it or not. The idea of lots of little independent parts interacting and working as a collective is something that comes back a lot in my work because of this interest. I’m also very inspired by film and television, since I think they are similarly these very strange collections of tropes and ideas that when taken as an aggregate can really contextualize one another and say a lot about the people and societies that produce them. Read more>>