We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Jay Cardoza | Trans/Non-Binary Artist, Entrepreneur, Activist & Model

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is many people believe that if you choose a career or lifestyle that is creative, you always need a logical plan b incase it doesn’t work out. I don’t believe in plan B. I believe you chase your dreams and you don’t stop until you’ve succeeded. If you believe in yourself and never stop believing in yourself no matter what happens, you will always come out on top. If you put time into learning about how amazing our brains are, you will understand how powerful we are as human beings and really see that we are capable of anything. Read more>>

Christopher Sabo | Accountant; Car Enthusiast; Professional Film Photographer

If You Work Hard, You Can Be Anything You Want To Be I find this piece of advice to not only be very poor, but steer people in wrong directions in life. Yes, hard work is valuable, but most people cannot be anything they want to be. I originally wanted to work in animation, and be a character animator, but I was absolutely terrible at it. I spent on average 5 hours every night practicing and practicing, and still never got “good enough.” It lead me nowhere, and the moment I stopped doing what I wanted to do, and started doing things I was actually good at, that’s when my life was actually getting better. Read more>>

Karen Best | Holistic Health Advocate/ Massage Therapist

The myth that you have to go to college or graduate from a 4 year college to be successful. Also, that you have to work at one company for 40 years.
Or you have to buy a house at 21 now, why are you buying one at 70? Some people don’t Want to Own a house at all, just own real estate and invest. Read more>>