Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Isabel Gates | Luxury Wedding Stationer

My luxury stationery business was the culmination of many passions, failures and paths in my life. I always knew running a creative business where I could be an artist with control over the time I spent on the work I made was a big goal in my life. I grew up drawing all day every day, thinking that maybe if I worked my butt off, it would make up for the fact that art isn’t a practical field to get into. Read more>>

Susan Blake Davis | Pet Nutritionist & Founder, Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist

Since I was a child, my dream was always to have a career working with animals. My education and professional experience were in business and for many years I worked in middle management corporate positions. No matter how prestigious the job, I always felt that something was missing. Read more>>

Merissa Manley | Founder and Movement Teacher of Heart and Soul Method

When I first started developing Heart and Soul Method back in 2013, my life was really a mess. I had ended my engagement to my fiancé at the time, I moved back in with my parents at the age of 32, and suffered from a deep depression to where it was difficult to work for more than 5 hours at a time. Read more>>

Mary Big Bull-Lewis | Indigenous Entrepreneur

With our first business, R Digital Design, we launched in 2013. I went back to college when I was 30 years old and was working with my husband at another firm. I learned the graphic design industry, estimating, printing and other skills while there. I saw how hard my husband was working and determined that we could branch out on our own. Read more>>

Terrence Haywood Jr | Father & Business Owner/Entrepreneur

My thought process to start my own business was to have more freedom of my own time to be able to be the best father I could be to my son. As well as being able to take my son to work with me. Being able to teach my son attention to detail and great work ethic. Secondly being able to do something I love & have an outstanding passion for as a car enthusiast. Read more>>

Anne Doherty | Owner

After working in all aspects of the retail industry for over 10 years and attending FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) I knew I was ready to start my own business, be my own boss and finally open a brick & mortar store front I’ve always dreamed of having. Read more>>

Chloe Salatino Payne, Amy Reeves | Wedding Planner & Designer

We had so many thoughts when laying the foundation for A&C Events, and were delighted to find that each potential risk went easily by the wayside when discussing our dreams and goals for the vision we shared. Read more>>

Danielle Thomson | Honey Shine Calendula

I began my Calendula process 6 years ago after giving birth to my second child. My son had extremely dry skin and eczema. I struggled to find a lotion or cream that helped his skin issues. I began to research organic and natural methods and remedies to help his skin. Read more>>

Elle Baez | Singer-Songwriter & Influencer

Hi! I’m Elle Baez and I am an independent singer-songwriter. I started my own music business because I love to sing and perform. I was doing this through other people’s channels- such as performing in shows with characters written for me or singing covers. But I love to write my own music. Instead of waiting for a record company to invest me, I decided to invest in myself. Little did I know I would really be starting an entire business on my own. But now, here I am. A full-time business women and I love what I do! Read more>>

Kyle Butts | Owner and Builder at Happy Cable Company

During COVID early on there weren’t a lot of things you could do outside of the house anymore. As a musician who played in a band for over a decade I was always fixing and tinkering with cables and my guitars. I saw an opportunity to offer custom boutique cables that would match the growing custom guitar space. Read more>>

Melissa Hoffmann | Intuitive Life Coach

I was in Pharmaceutical Sales for 7 years, and always felt like I was meant for more. On paper my job sounded really great, but in reality I was miserable. The company culture and leadership were toxic, and I was unfulfilled by what I was doing every day. Read more>>

Caitlin Dobbins | Owner + Principal Designer

I always knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit. Once I found something I loved and thrived in, it snowballed rather quickly! I loved the thought of growing a team and growing a client pool that felt more like family! Read more>>

Karolina Lara | Cake Decorator

I’ve always said I never wanted to work inside an office, so I knew that I needed to make and sell something in order to fulfill that dream. I’ve always had an entrepreneur soul. When I was little, I used to make beaded bracelets and rings and sell them at school. I remember, I would take orders during recess and I have them ready by the following day. They would always tell me which colors they wanted and I would take their measurements so that they would fit. Read more>>

Annemarie Donaker | Wedding/Event Planner

I had always had a passion for event planning. I had many jobs over the years where I ended up volunteering to plan the company’s events even though it was not in my job description. I finally came to the realization that event planning is my passion and I enjoy that more than the other jobs I had been doing. I took the leap of faith and quit my job to start my business do wedding/event planning. Read more>>

Mallory Koebel | Graphic Designer & Print-Media Marketing Specialist

I was basically raised in a printshop. My parents started their printing business over 25 years ago in Ontario, CA, and I am sure any child of small business owners can probably relate to the hours spent at their family shop. I liked to play with color wheels and keys, memorized names of prominent font families, flipped through coffee table books about the history of advertising and marketing. Read more>>

Dhalia Balmir | Disrupter

If you had engaged with me prior to 2018, the idea of me as an entrepreneur was not at the top of my mind. I surprised myself when thoughts of me starting my own business crossed my mind. And then I thought, can I pull this off? And of course, the answer became “hell, yes!” I’ve worked for. Read more>>

Rachael Louis | Life and Career Coach

The thought process behind starting my business free be able to positively impact other people’s lives. Coaching has been a part of my career for the last ten years as a leader. Honestly speaking, coaching was the most enjoyable part of the sales leadership role. My challenge was struggling to coach sales performance versus life. Yes, they are both important, but I always believe in coaching others to become the best version of themselves in life. Read more>>

Kirk Hensler | Founder + Producer

I’ve been running a production company, Hale Productions, for years. When covid hit, all of our shoots were wiped and our revenue went to literally $0. It made me realize how exposed we were to future shutdowns and fluctuating economies. Read more>>

Froilan Hinojosa | Streetwear Plug

The fact that you have to respond to no one about what to do or how to do it did it for me. I was raised on the belief of starting or doing something for yourself regardless of the magnitude, having something you can call your own is an amazing feeling. Read more>>

Gina “GG” Golden | Cannabis Creatrix

I have always been focused on visual & healing arts, I have a BFA from California College of The Arts and an MFA from NYU. I started working with cannabis as a side gig to support my art & design career. But I soon found myself surrounded with a lot of plant material that wasn’t being utilized by the grower who taught me. She let me take anything extra and that became my raw materials. Read more>>