A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Kendra Maister | Homeschooling Mom & Founder of The Indie Sol Collective

My Children. I truly believe that life starts when you become a parent. What used to stress you out, suddenly seems so small as you surrender to a world of selflessness and sleepless nights. Some people say that it’s not for the faint at heart, yet the love that it brings is unparallel to anything else in this life. In a world that moves at light speed, I feel compelled to slow down and cherish each moment of this journey to the fullest extent; embracing the magic and wonder that it brings. Read more>>

Elizabeth McAleer | Owner and CEO of Delfin Brands

Health and fitness is something I have always been connected to. I think that participating in some kind of physical activity everyday is really powerful not just for fitness, but for your mental health as well. As a result I use exercise as a daily tool to make the most out of my day and feel my best. Read more>>

Samer Bakri | Musician

I am inspired by a bit of everything in my life. I take inspiration from different parts of my life and use them in my art. One thing that inspires me the most is listening to different kinds of music from different places and comparing and contrasting elements. I like to study the production of music and how it is created. You can start to hear the individual impression on the art if you listen long enough which I think is what we as artists want. Read more>>

Eric Nelson | Photographer & US Airmen

I’m inspired by the unknown, the idea of trying something new and not knowing what the outcome might be. I’m also inspired by others who thrive to be better than they were yesterday. Inspiration comes in many forms, some have long been developed since childhood and others out of spontaneous outcomes. I’m inspired to be the version of me i envisioned I’d be as a kid. Read more>>