We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Desirae Alejandre | Tax Professional, Bookkeeper, Certified QBO ProAdvisor and Profit First Professional

Authenticity. Starting a tax and bookkeeping firm with no prior experience has been interesting. From the start of my career, about 3 years ago, I decided I wanted to be me while also changing the way young entrepreneurs view tax season and their business finances. I’m curious by nature so if I had a new type of client I’d research endlessly until all the questions I had were answered. For example, a prospect who owns a real estate business was referred to me from a current photography client, Real estate is so complex and has so many areas that are unexplored by me. So usually, I will research and research until I find the answer i’m looking for, Read more>>

Elisha Castaneda | Face Artist/ Business Owner

Success happens sometimes when your not even looking. Most of my journey has been in the day to day process of walking out my passions and being a learner. I’d say that having dreams are great, thats what brought me to this journey, but staying open and walking in faith is greater! The most amazing things have happened to me, when I’ve least expected it or in ways I never planned. So I dont over think it anymore. I choose to stay humble, keep growing and stay open to possibilities. Something great is always around the corner. Read more>>

Fab The Duo | Rock Band

To us, becoming successful is about doing things our own way and not feeling like we have to stick to a formula. We’re occupying a completely unique lane as a gay couple in the music industry. Since no one has done what we have before, we can’t follow anyone else’s career path. Every time we’ve tried listening to someone’s advice because “that’s the way things are done” things have failed. We feel like we’ve had the most success when we march to the beat of our own drum and do what feels natural. For example, no rock band has ever made wearing heels integral to their brand, but people love when we wear our heels! There’s no blueprint in the music industry, so it’s important to trust your gut! Read more>>

Aleah and Abel Durkee and Layug | Dance Studio Owners

The most important factor behind our success is our dance community. Our dance community is what keeps us going and driven to continue doing what we love to do. They show up for us, they are always ready to help and lend a hand if we ever need it, we listen to their feedback and suggestions, and we make sure they are actively involved in future projects and decision making for the business. Read more>>

Julie Laughton | Custom Home Builder

The most important factor of my success is that I provide a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to build their dream homes. What makes me unique is that since I am both the designer and contractor the client only speaks with one person from conception to completion throughout the entire process. Read more>>