What are your thoughts on budgeting? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Harmful? Does it make us focus on the wrong things? Is it irresponsible not to budget? We asked folks we admired to share their thoughts with us.

Kate Rorie | Fine Jewelry Designer, Tech Executive, Investor.

Q: Do you have a budget? How do you think about your personal finances and how do you make lifestyle and spending decisions? A: Absolutely. In fact, one of the reasons I went into finance initially is because I felt so passionately that all of us, particularly women, need to acquire sound financial acumen. Our careers may change, but the skills we choose to acquire don’t have to. Read more>>

Natasha Lockwood | Influencer & Social Media Manager

I don’t have a set budget. I’ve tried to make one many times (using Google sheets, apps and more!), but hadn’t found much success or happiness living that in a way that felt like I was restricting myself. Instead, I have a policy of categorizing the extra goodies that I want into a note.. I’ll write down the top items I want to purchase from the following categories: fashion, food, beauty, technology and home decor. During the month, I purchase those items; but never more than 1 for each category per month. Read more>>

Lara Gott | Small Business Owner & Homeschool Mom

Yes! We have a budget and it has been a game changer in the health of our business. It all started out with a transformation of our personal finances, and that carried over to our business. Money management has never been a strong point for us, and in 2018 we finally decided to bring some financial health for our family by taking a 3 month financial course we had heard so much about. Read more>>