We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Brian Lambert | Author, Editor, and Publisher

I grew up in a time when there weren’t many diverse role models, and when they did exist, they were sidekicks or mentors or stereotypical. I was fortunate enough to not fall into the mindset of that being all I could be. So, with each story I produce or each project I take on, I amplify the voices of those that have historically been silent. With each release, I am able to increase the reach of my voice and speak to schools, classes, and artists directly. Art itself is part of our lifeblood, so being able to create and influence the next generation is a place I continue to aspire to. Read more>>

Community Plate Initiative | Community Group & Striving Non-profit Organization

We are working to curtail food inequality in our community, and taking aim at the nutrition gap caused by economic stratification. In addition, we try to tackle issues such as lack of personal essentials including hygiene items and clothes. Read more>>

Jenn Rehmann | Pet photographer

Our pets give us so much unconditional love, but sadly live very short lives, compared to ours. I provide tangible and lasting memories of pets and of our special bond with them. Dose of Doodle Photography is out in the world to remind people that they can document their fur-babies and keep those memories fresh. I also provide end-of-life (Legacy) photoshoots for senior pets, when owners get an inkling that their friend might not be here much longer, or for when a pet owner gets the bad news that the end is happening. I have joined the.Tilly Project, to be listed as a photographer who offers these end-of-life services. Read more>>

Rolando Montano | owner of Carlsbad Kickboxing Club

Carlsbad Kickboxing Club has helped the community in several ways. As a gym, we are a place for people who want to take their health more seriously and have been a place for people looking to work on their physical health, but what we pride ourselves on are the other aspects we bring to our members such as mental and social benefits. We have created a sense of community for our members to feel like we are their family. Many of our members who have not had social connections or have benefited feeling isolated or depressed have formed lasting friendships by coming here. Read more>>

Chuck & Martha Garcera | Owners of King Richard’s Antique & Vintage Center

Our business, antique and vintage selling, by nature is all about reusing items. We are all about giving items a new home, a new owner that appreciates well made older items. What better way to help the community and world by extending the life cycle of apparel, decor, furniture, jewelry, and more. We are environmentalists, ambassadors of the planet……we help recycle and repurpose valuable resources that are cherished by all generations (young and old). Read more>>

Alejandro Bautista | Art Director & Type Designer

The social impact that we can make from our profession is to be able to make visible, support and communicate the problems that surround us, I think that using platforms like ShoutOutSocial, allow more people to meet, discuss and join the causes with which they identify or empathize, I think that this is our greatest contribution to the community. Read more>>

Nicole Zapoli | Athlete, Coach, & Business Owner

My mobile gym and digital online fitness business helps the community and the world by offering more convenient solutions for busy, ambitious, health conscious individuals who have full lives and schedules, but still highly value their health and fitness as well as overall quality of life and longevity. My business is designed to bring health and fitness to my clients in the convenience of their own homes, gym of choice, outdoor location (park/beach), and also while traveling. Read more>>