We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

rezlo | Artist – Singer – Songwriter

Risk is essential for success and it it is directly intertwined with failure. I don’t think we always understand the amount of risk and frequent failure that is required in the pursuit of our greater goals. Not every avenue will work out; in fact, many won’t. But, I believe that each failure we experience lays out a clearer roadmap to our dreams. Read more>>

Janessa Goldbeck | CEO, Vet Voice Foundation

I’m comfortable taking risks because I know that the worst thing that can happen is that I might fail. From personal experience, I know that failure, even when it is painful, is a fantastic teacher. The first time I tried to join the Marine Corps, I made it through nine out of ten weeks of a training course. Read more>>

Alma Fernanda Regalado | Chef, online cooking classes

I think risk has always been a part of my career. It is the determining factor that has helped me create the job I always wanted. Read more>>

Frankie Krygs | Life Coach, Personal Trainer, & Retreat Program Director

Growing up, my dad always taught me to never make a decision unless it was a sure thing. What I came to realize later down the road, is that sometimes in life you need to take risks in order for you to grow. If you were sure of the outcome it wouldn’t be called a risk, it would be called an opportunity. Read more>>

Jordan Ohara | Veteran & Entrepreneur

My relationship with risk has evolved over my lifetime. I have always had a penchant for risk seeking behavior. I was definitely a problem child growing up. I just wanted to do the things that I wanted, and I didn’t really care if people told me I couldn’t. It just so happened that all the most fun things were also the most risky. I have broken dozens of bones, some multiple times. Read more>>

Hilary Dufour | Artist and GIS Specialist

Artists have to be their own advocates, whether it’s experimenting with a new style, sharing their work on social media, reaching out to a gallery, or pricing pieces. We’re facing risk of rejection every time we share our art, and it’s a vulnerable place. But I think every time we put ourselves out there, it becomes easier and we become more resilient; it’s like a muscle we can strengthen. Read more>>

Jaidyn Jiron | Owner & Photographer

I love the saying, “high risk, high reward,” because that’s how I started my business, and it’s become a motto I use frequently. A little over three years ago, I left one job that I had been with for a couple of years to work another retail position at a job with less of a commute for me. I’d been working there three days when I realized that it was an extremely toxic environment and, it was not the job for me. Read more>>

Morgan Hannaleck | Public Speaker, Therapist, and Mental Health Advocate

Risk taking has been critical when it comes to the growth and development I have achieved in both my life and career. I was raised in a very harm-avoidant environment, where safety was overly-emphasized in my life to the point that a fear of risk was instilled deeply within me. Read more>>

Ebony Smith | CEO & Lead Digital Strategist

Risk has always been a theme throughout my life. In part because of my nature to never settle, but also because my personal life depended on me taking the best next steps whether I was afraid or not. In my early years, my mom dealt with domestic abuse until her courageous act to leave while I was in elementary school. Read more>>

Jordan Robles | Pro Scooter Athlete

Well being a Pro freestyle Scooter athlete I think about risk everyday. Wether I’m riding in a competition or out filming clips for videos. I’m always pushing the limits of what I can do on a scooter so there’s always a risk of injury or worse. There’s always an element of danger but it’s what I love to do. Read more>>