To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

Mabelle Reynoso and Tori Rice | Theatre Artists & Podcasters

Never give up! If it’s your dream or something you are really passionate about, you shouldn’t ever give up. Do what you need to do to have your basic needs met–food, shelter, etc-but if that day job doesn’t feed your soul, pursue the thing that does at night. There are 24 hours in a day. Instead of watching Netflix, nourish your soul by making art. But if you need to nourish your soul with Netflix, that’s okay, too. We talk about this a lot, how sometimes it feels like it’s in vain. But then we fantasize about what our lives would be like without our art and that is a flatline, a world without technicolor. Read more>>

 Joshua Katz | Writer & Actor

These are really the only two options. But, I think for most people, the question to keep going is about how much time and effort to put into your craft. Life offers its challenges; there is an ebb and flow to the process of creativity. You’re not always going to be able to go full speed. It’s okay (and healthy) to slow down or pause from time to time, it’s natural to get discouraged, but that feeling that drives you to continue should still be there. If it isn’t still there… quitting is usually not an easy choice. If quitting becomes an easy choice, there’s probably a good reason why it’s easy and you should definitely quit. Read more>>

Alejandro Ramírez | architectural designer

Since I finished my university degree, I set out on the path to enter and participate in competitions, these same did not achieve progress, but I kept moving forward is perseverance, perseverance, maintaining a discipline and it is until 2018 that I began to see those fruits of the processes, I did not give up, contests passed, the years and now it begins, do not give up, continue, you will not know until you see the results. Read more>>