The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance.  What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Princess Francois | Travel Blogger & Assistant Principal

My main career is as an educator. However, over time, I have realized that being an educator does not just apply to the school setting. Education is my professional passion and travel is my personal passion. However, I find that these two interests intersect more than I would have thought, although I hope that someday they become fully intertwined. Travel IS education — it is the best education that I will ever receive! Every travel excursion has added a layer of understanding to my knowledge of people, of food, of culture, of history. Read more>>

Amanda Lawson | Marketing Communications Expert & Freelance Senior Copywriter

For a long time, “work-life balance” was more a term that represented the amount of time I spent working versus the time I spent on myself. The “life” portion was everything from dinners out to girls trips, recreational athletic pursuits, spiritual study, activities that very much centered around things I wanted to be doing. When I became a mom three years ago, the “life” portion changed dramatically, obviously. Not only was there less room for error in the ratio of work and life when it came to my own prioritization; the “life” portion became much less about me and much more about the people who made up my life. Read more>>

Erik Fish | DJ FishFonics

In my opinion balance is such an important part of life. Without out balance it is truly hard to ever fully achieve success. You may have success in your career but be lacking in other important areas in your life. Health, relationships, family etc. I have personally struggled with balance and am constantly trying to improve on it and better myself. When it comes to my work life balance I think it’s important to stay focused, be open to change and always try to maintain a great workflow. As a DJ there are so many pieces that make up the full DJ career puzzle. Read more>>

Julia Russ | Sewing Pattern Maker & Dog Mom

Prior to starting my own business, work life balance did not exist for me. I was working in New York for a small fashion label, and my entire life revolved around my job. I would work 10+ hour days, and would bring work home on the “weekends”. (This mostly included repairs for coats and clothing, which I could do while watching TV with my husband and our pups–All weekend long.) I would wake up at 3am in a panic, remembering something I forgot to do earlier that day, pull out my phone, and send an email on whatever the task was so that I wouldn’t forget again. Read more>>

Chelsea Jenna | Graphic Designer & Creative

I personally feel that work life balance is ever-changing and fluid. I think this topic is very interesting and insightful to discuss at the moment during these uncertain times with our current global pandemic. It has been very interesting to say the least in navigating day-to-day routines as a creative during this life-shifting event with a full time job at a small business, as well as working part-time for personal/freelance work. More often than not, it is a struggle at times, especially when you are in a flow state. Read more>>

Monica Meng | Caterer/Baker & Project Manager

Work life balance is something that is very important to me. Juggling everything that’s on my plate has definitely been a balancing act and has taken time for me to find just the right recipe! In the beginning this was something that weighed heavily on my mind. When I decided to start momfoodventures, it was very important to me to make sure that adding this to my already busy schedule wouldn’t interfere with the time I spend with my family. I have 2 adorable daughters, a loving husband, a regular 9-5 job, and all the duties and events that usually entail with having young kids. Read more>>

Veronica Csiza | Hair Stylist/Yoga Instructor/Business Owner

Work life balance for me has changed since I have started my own business over the last 9 years and throughout my entire career evolution. I have always been very work driven and focused on being successful. Life balance is also very important. For me I have learned the two go hand in hand and can compliment each other. It is not always easy to find the right mix. But as a Libra I am always striving to feel balanced. I have the libra scales tattooed on my body to constantly remind myself. When I first graduated from college with my degree in business finance I dove right in to my career. Read more>>

Shannon Truax | RN, Health Consultant, Speaker

Work/life balance is the most sought after, yet rarely achieved goal in this modern society. As a nurse whose career was more of a passion or calling- it was hard to separate work from the rest of my life. There were many drives home after work replaying the incidents of the shift in my head. Showers spent thinking about the family members you had to give bad news to and needing a beer or a glass of wine was just how it was sometimes. Lying in bed awake at night thinking about the next shift and how you need to go to sleep but you are just too “tired but wired” was also a common ritual. Read more>>

Kelly Anderson | Clinical Psychologist & Group Practice Owner

Work-life balance is something I talk about often with clients and similarly reflect on in my own life on a regular basis. My work-life balance is constantly in flux based on pressures and needs at home versus those in running the business and seeing clients. Prior to having children, it wasn’t unusual for me to work 70+ hour weeks. Now, with two young daughters, creating a schedule that works for staying actively involved with them while continuing to support the practice as it grows is a challenge. Not to mention making time for self-care. Still, when there isn’t a balance between the two, it often leads to burnout and fatigue. Read more>>