We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Ben Johnson | Filmmaker, Author, Musician & Bar Manager

The main impact I have had with my daughter is through my availability. Until the pandemic, I worked nights, starting late enough that she would be in bed before I would leave. Concerning books and movies, I always believe family first. I slowed down my writing process to naps and after she slept on my nights off. With the filming of Fanboy, we almost always shot on Sunday so it wasn’t a problem for my wife Monique or another family member to watch her. My daughter is six now and we hang out all the time and get along famously, and I’m sure the time we’ve spent together has a lot to do with that. Read more>>

Rodney Bissell | Owner

As parents, it is key to model what we teach to our children. They are our kids and we need to influence them before society does. We also realize it takes a village to raise our kids. Teachers, friends, and family are all a part of that village. The quality of the community around them is critical to their future. Also, we want them to know it’s okay to fail. This is difficult at times because we want them to do things perfectly and to succeed. Allowing them to fail teaches them to deal with the consequences of their actions and learn from them. Read more>>

Kirsten Imani Kasai | Writer & Educator

My goal as a parent has always been to raise resilient children. Kids who are critical thinkers, who acknowledge their fear but move forward despite it. Children with intact, whole spirits. I think that too many kids have their spirits broken by family members or other people in their lives, which leaves them with lasting scars and damage that continues to ripple throughout their lives. Of course, we can’t predict or prevent everything that happens in our lives, but as a parent, I can imbue my kids with a sense of self-worth to help them navigate difficulties as they arise. I raised my kids to trust their instincts, and to know that they are the ultimate authority of themselves and their bodies. I wanted them to know that they have a right to speak up for themselves, defend themselves, to say no, and to express their feelings and opinions. Read more>>