Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Hanna Ashcraft | Adventure Travel Blogger

Here’s the thing, I never know. There have been many, many times that I think about sidelining my progress and getting a regular 9-to-5 job. And a typical job wouldn’t be a bad path either. Then I wake up the following day, begin writing my next blog post, and remember how much I love every aspect of the thing I’ve created. Read more>>

Aris Weathersby | Musician

As much as giving up is not an option for me and as much as I love being a working musician who is so incredibly fortunate to be pursuing his own music career; I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about giving up almost regularly. The thoughts of failure are ever present when you set out to accomplish a dream, but in my opinion its always about learning to manage them. Read more>>

Kendall Grove | Plant Enthusiast & Content Creator

There were many occasions where I’ve wondered if continuing my journey in the plant community was worth it. I’ve always come back to the same notion, that if it brings you joy in a lasting way, it will always be worth it to persist. If your current project isn’t bringing you lasting joy, let it go. If that plant you’ve been neglecting for the past few months is done bringing you joy, get rid of it! Read more>>

Romain Voulet | Co-Founder / Design Director of industrial design studio CP — RV

Designing something is all about the process, a project only exists by its idea and end result but to finalise a project, the process is the key, it’s all the reasons why you didn’t give up. For every project that go through, there are often so many reasons to give up on the journey, and sometime only a few reasons to keep going, but it is important to cherish the hopes, the « yes » that will throw away all the no’s… and to enjoy that journey, that is where the fragility of an idea resides. As long as you enjoy the journey there is no reason to give up. Read more>>

Olga Macias | Small Business Owner

What a great question. I started Chatu and it was an almost instant success. At one point I couldn’t keep up, as soon as I would make a hat it would sell. Then, it began to slow down. I wasn’t making what much profit anymore. I seriously wanted to give up. I felt disappointed, and it felt personal. During this time, I remember sitting in my room finishing a hat, enjoying the process. When I was finished, I told myself “no, giving up is not an option…you love this.”  Read more>>

Cara Nguyen | Resin Artist

I truly believe that I am only hindered by my own fears of failure. Life is about making mistakes and learning along the way. The idea that everyone wakes up feeling confident and ready to conquer the day is unrealistic. I strive to practice humility regularly, because I always want to be a learner. I don’t feel like I was truly able to experience life at it’s full capacity until I gave myself the chance to explore new ideas, and learn how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Growth never happens when I stay in once place. Read more>>

Roxy Robles | Floral Designer, Content Creator & Business Owner

The truth is, deep down, we know what is right for us. “Giving up” is sometimes an act of self-love. Anything that is taking a toll on our happiness, health and overall well-being, isn’t worth the pain and suffering. I think that goes for everything, a toxic job, relationship and/or friendship. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. If you truly enjoy what you do keep going and put in the work. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts just consistency, sacrifice and discipline. If you’re tired, overwhelmed; rest, recharge and get back at it. There’s a reason God planted that certain interest in you, you just have to believe in yourself. Read more>>