Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying.

Ashley Adam | Boutique Fitness Studio Owner & Mompreneur

I have confronted this question probably more than any other question since starting my business eight and a half years ago. Things were not easy for me from the get-go. From a long and difficult loan process to a long and difficult search for a location, to then lose my first location due to an extreme rent increase, to then go through another long and difficult search for another location, renting a room in a gym for two years, and now COVID-19 a year after I signed a brand new lease. I have had many a moment sitting on the floor crying, asking myself this very question. How do I know if I am supposed to keep going, if this is just another obstacle put in my way to test my commitment to my dream, or if it is a sign that I am on the wrong path and it is time to give up? The answer always came from deep within, and the validation of that answer always came soon after. Read more>>

Gabie Mammia | Printmaker

Whenever I begin to question my decision to start my business and pursue art full-time, the Lord always sends something or someone into my life that makes me stay with it. It’s always in those moments when I go on Indeed and start looking for more stable and more steady work that I get invited to give a talk somewhere, or I make a sale in my Etsy shop, or something like that, that I know is God reminding me that I made a commitment to do this and to trust Him to provide for me throughout this process! He doesn’t let me give up on this work because He doesn’t let me give up on all the people He wants to encounter through this business; starting the Cultivate Card Co. has given me so many opportunities to make new friends and share the gifts I have been given with others. Read more>>

Kurosh Yahyai | Artist

One should never give up! Where at times it might feel like quitting is the best thing, and sometimes it is, I don’t believe that is the same as giving up. Rather, a shift in perspective, approach, and outcome. With anything in life if it something you really want to achieve, giving up entirely is not the solution. Sometimes creating space and time can help shift the perspective, which then can change your approach and acquire the desired outcome. I apply this thinking directly to my art practice but as well to every aspect of my life. Specifically with art, if I feel something I am working on is going horribly wrong I don’t give up. Sometimes I will set it aside for a long time until I am ready to try and solve the problem again. As time passes my perspective will almost always change, even a little, and that always leads to seeing the problem in a different way. Read more>>