We had the good fortune of connecting with Asia Eidson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Asia, what habits do you feel play an important role in your life?
One of the most satisfying aspects of being your own boss is that your brand/company culture/ business image is deeply shaped by who you are as a person. If you create habits that make you to genuine, reliable, assertive, and educated- your brand will grow off those pillars. Habits are the number one driving force behind a personal brand and I try to divide my habits into three categories: relational, technical, and prophecy. (Um what? Prophecy? Read on.)

Relational: Relationships have always been the heartbeat of Photobyjoy. Treat people as you would like to be treated. Simple as that. This applies to giving grace to uncle Bob with the camera in the aisle. This applies to choosing a kind tone towards cranky aunties that want another reception photo. This applies to meticulous brides who need more time and details because as much as photographers like to think that our artist role is the primary directive on a wedding day – the reality is that we are in a service role. We are serving our clients by providing art, but the client experience comes first. If you’re wondering if I’ve been doomed to a doormat who lets the client run the show- read on to my last point.

Technical: Techy habits mostly revolve around caring for your gear as if it were someone’s precious wedding memories (which it is.) I never leave my gear in a hot car and have fought many airlines to carry my cameras on the plane with me. I take time to format every card before every shoot. After every session, the files leave my cards immediately no matter how late because I am the Pensieve. I don’t pride myself on being super tech-savvy, but a bit of extra intention could be the difference between a memory framed or a memory forgotten. As my Uncle Ben puts it, “With great power comes great responsibility.” and memories are worth the care.

Prophecy: Goes hand in hand with education. This is the secret sauce to providing an amazing customer experience without getting walked over. I spend a lot of my time trying to prevent possible problems from happening BEFORE they happen. I work through a schedule, put on my prophetess robes, and communicate like crazy: Hair and makeup running over? Family portraits clear, concise, and delegated? Timing the best light? Random detail that’s a mystery to me, but very important to you? Tackle it. Predicting the future requires me to educate my client before I even step foot into the venue. Every single client. Every single time. Setting expectations (or helping your client realize their own expectations) is a life-saving habit for every session.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am most proud of the images I shot that have been ACTUALLY printed and hung inside people’s homes. My photos are on grandma’s pianos all across the world from Brazil to the Philippines and I get so giddy knowing that a digital file got to become a physical fixture (since a lot of my work never leaves a screen).

I get really excited about my photography workshops at Abilene Christian University with the Learning Studio. We’ve run workshops for 8 years now, covering a variety of topics from golden hour to branding to Lightroom. There’s a mother photographer instinct that bubbles up in me when I’m around baby college photographers and wide-eyed artists. I love their openness to learning. My heart is so full when they get the “I’m-so-proud-of-myself” face.

Did you know that spending more money on your wedding does not ensure you will have a better time? I learn this lesson again and again because I stare at brides’ faces all day. The key to being present and joyful on your wedding day is not unlocked by purchasing more of anything. Fully committing to your forever person is more important than the monogrammed napkins or the extrafloral installation. I’ve learned that couples who focus on having a beautiful marriage over a seamless wedding are much happier on their actual wedding day.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I live in the beautiful city of Fort Worth, TX (or as my kids call it, the beaufitul city). One thing I LOVE about living in the metroplex is the sheer volume of stuff there is to do and variety there is to eat! Fort Worth has a giant river running through it called the Trinity. My tour would include a bike ride along the river, likely starting at Air Field Falls. We would also hit the zoo to feed the giraffes and wind down by viewing super famous art at the Kimbal Art Museum.

My Top Five Fort Worth Eats

1. Authentic Khao Soi at Thai Charm Cuisine in Haltom City (this dish is famous in the region I grew up in. It’s noodles, but it’s curry. But it’s soup. But it’s crunchy and spicy and life-changing).
2. Vegan Queso at HG Sply Co (order a Swirl to drink) – I cannot believe this dish has no cheese. Try to sit outside on the river!
3. BBQ Burnt Ends at Heim on the River (The Big Cat is a really good sandwich too. It has green chili mac n cheese with pulled pork inside a jalapeno cheddar bun WHAT).
4. Spicey Sausage Pita Pizza at a Byblos, a Lebanese Restaurant and Hookah Lounge (don’t forget to order their Baklava for dessert)
5. Dol Sot Bibimbop at Samwon Korean Garden off Mc Cart (this beef and veggie sizzling rice bowl will blow your mind)

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My PBJ (Photobyjoy) Team is the only reason I am standing today. My network of shooters, videographers, editors, babysitters, and website/marketing gurus built Photobyjoy into the vibrant brand it is today.

A thank you goes out to my couples who trust me, rave about me, and feed me (leads and wedding cake). Thank you for being my PBJ tribe! A special thank you goes to Kelly Davidson who sat me down as a freshman, looked me dead in the eye, and told me to pull the trigger on buying a real camera because he believed in me. He connected me with incredible couples through Aggies for Christ and built the most amazing network of down-to-earth couples for Photobyjoy!

This shoutout would not be complete without tipping my hat to Tyler Eidson. The boyfriend who bought a website domain for me ten years ago, before I ever shot a wedding or owned a second lens. Somehow he looked into the future and saw my passions aligning with my gifting in the form of photography. He also saw me in his future, so lucky me, I have a business consultant locked in for life. #marriedhim

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