Readers often email us asking us for advice about new businesses they are thinking about starting and we often find that many of them don’t have a framework for thinking about a more fundamental question: why should or shouldn’t you start a business?

Below, you’ll find how successful entrepreneurs from across the city thought about this very question when they were considering whether to start their businesses.

Lina Wang | Founder of Pitch Me – Dating App

I’m the founder and creator of “Girl Time San Diego – The Original”, a Facebook community of 19,000 women in San Diego County, where women share information about everyday life and support each other. Read more>>

Blanca Bribiesca | Owner of shop HABITAT home decor boutique

I recently retired from the Marine Corps and even while on active duty, I have always had a passion for interior design, organization and helping others achieve the same goals. I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. Read more>>

Hannah Rice | Sewist

I started my business because I learned how clothing is typically made. I was learning about why our clothing is so cheap and the condition in which garments are produced. Garment workers are highly skilled, yet are drastically underpaid, work 70+ hours a week, are only paid for the garments they produce, and aren’t paid a liveable wage. Read more>>

Checo Diaz | CEO and Founder of Gear Hugger

I’ve always loved adventuring outside. Hiking, running marathons, swimming, mountain biking and kitesurfing are just a few of my outdoor passions. With these hobbies, I’ve invested in a lot of gear over the years, and keeping gear in great condition requires regular maintenance. Read more>>

Vivian Tran | Home Bakery Business Owner

I started my baking business as a senior in high school during the COVID-19 pandemic, not knowing much and only having a newfound obsession with baking. I started off with no supplies, no ingredients—nothing. I wanted a specific cute cake that I had seen online on Pinterest and Instagram, but all the cakes around me were just from basic bakeries or grocery stores. Lame. So I decided to just make my own! I had no experience at all and just wanted to try. Read more>>

Rebecca Anne Geraci | Sustainable Clothing Designer, Wellness Coordinator & Yoga Instructor

Love. I love making clothing. I love teaching yoga. I love collaborating. I love coordinating events. I love weaving people together. And, I love Pachamama – our earth. Read more>>