How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Patrick Shatter | Rockstar

For me giving up isn’t even an option. There’s no way I’m going to give up on myself or my dreams. Of course everything you do won’t be an immediate success but if you stick with it overtime you’re going to figure out a thing or 2. Getting use to being uncomfortable will help you navigate though the difficult times and challenged and when you’re starting something of you’re own you’re going to be experiencing a lot of those. It comes with the territory Read more>>

Bobby Schuman | CEO & Owner

Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want as much as you want. Read more>>

Ashvin Nankoo | Founder

This is actually a tough question. I have had moments where I wanted to close off the brand and give up. Being an entrepreneur is hard. You do not know if today will be a good day where you will by closing off deals and making sales. I have had months where I did not sell or make an income with the business and this makes you question everything. Is the brand correct? Is the value I am providing good enough? These little thoughts will make you question why are you even spending time on growing you following and the brand. Read more>>

Stephanie Meyers | Musician & Teacher

This question is particularly poignant for me because it’s one that I’ve grappled with especially in the last several years. I’ve struggled with existential questions surrounding my worth, the worth of my self-expression within the context of a seemingly oversaturated musical landscape, and whether or not my music-making is really in service to the world at large or merely a manifestation of my own vanity and narcissism. In all honesty, I anticipate grappling with these questions for many years to come. What I’ve realized through this questioning is the value of perseverance. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up. Read more>>

Emma Noren | Musician

This might sound a little ridiculous, but I feel like giving up isn’t an option for me when it comes to music. I’ve done it for so long and it’s the thing that makes me the happiest (besides my friends and family and pup), but there’s also this irrevocable need to keep doing it, regardless of how it makes me feel. I do get incredibly discouraged and I almost WISH i could just quit because having a dream that feels too big can be a little torturous sometimes. Read more>>