If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Justice Klein | Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor, Professional space-holder, & Founder of Cacao & I

Success to me is the simple recognition of how far you have come, & celebrating it. The journey of life is not always easy and just waking up receiving a new day is considered a success to me.n There is no sliding scale for success, no number, no dollar amount, that defines success in my heart. I have sat with this question many times before as success in our society is attached to the physical, what we have made, who we know, what we have material-wise, and so on. Read more>>

Katie Eu | Wellness Influencer & Full-Time College Student

As a 21 year old college student, success has always been synonymous with academic achievement. My identity as a student has been cemented for as long as I can remember; not even a global pandemic could make me take any time off of school. Trying to reframe my definition of success has been difficult, especially as I continue to finish my double degree in Economics and Sociology. When I graduate college in 2023, a large part of my identity–being a student–will disappear. If I define success through academic achievement, will I still be able to be successful once I graduate? Read more>>

Miranda Smith | Artist, Musician and General Office Worker

I find success is a difficult to measure for many creatives my age. For us, social media drives so much of the discourse around success; follower count, like count, impression rate. This goes on and on and on. The promise is that with social media success comes financial success. However, social media and finances are not necessarily linked. And the quest for social media numbers has led to burn out, as more and more creatives speak out about the daunting content output rate that is required for social media success. A continuous search for fame and fortune does not seem to make a creator happy. As a result, it has become clear to me that social media can not become the way success is defined. Read more>>