Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Megan Coomans | Professional Actor, Cosplayer and Character Performer

I only ever feel like I’m thriving when I have the time and space to be creative. Now, that can mean a lot of different things; sometimes it’s fashion and style, sometimes it’s cosplay, other times it’s singing, photography, and make up. Whatever it may be, I know I feel my best when I am able to express through one of my many creative outlets. I knew from an early age I wanted these artistic and creative explorations to be a part of my daily life – I grew up as a ballet dancer, eventually moved into acting, and then finally, singing and character performance. I am so grateful that I have built a life and a career that allows me to do these things every single day. Read more>>

Timothy Harris | Executive Chef

I choose an artistic and creative career because it is simply my first nature. It gives me a chance to share my heart. The freedom to create endless art on a vessel with food that people can not only experience by visuals but also by consuming and becoming one with the creation itself just my sets my soul free. Read more>>

Carjanae | Singer/Songwriter

I’ve always been extremely passionate about singing and music. When people ask how long have I been singing, I say before I could talk. When growing up I would write my own songs, which I still do and I feel there are people that can relate to what I have to say. That is one of the main reasons I chose to pursue an artistic career. If I’m able to spread love, encourage, inspire and just help someone through my music it’s a great feeling because when I listen to music it feeds my mind, body and soul it truly excites me and I always strive to give that to people who listen to me. Read more>>

Taylor Dunn | Stand-Up Comedian

I’ve always enjoyed being a “class-clown”. As far back as I can remember, I would do just about anything to make my mom laugh. My first major influence was Jim Carrey. I could recite some of the scenes for “The Mask” and “Ace Ventura” by heart. I was an outcast in most of my elementary and middle school years but once I started high school I discovered the value in making people laugh. I performed in theatre, writing my own comedic monologs but soon after graduating I tried stand-up comedy for the first time, winning a comedy competition in Birmingham, AL. I’ve been hooked ever since. Read more>>

Andrew Morales | Small Business Owner & Cinematographer

When I was very young, I was exposed to a lot of classic movies and music. The way images and music married together made you feel when they were carefully crafted together was something that stuck with me. Then I turned 10. My dad gave me a camera to capture pictures and videos of an event. I got struck with inspiration and felt like this was a chance for me to make something like what I had grown up seeing and watching. The rest is history. Read more>>

Sheila Szilagyi-Noseworthy | Stained Glass Artist

I have always been a creative, a mess maker, a builder. I didn’t pursue an artistic program in college, and instead opted for a more practical degree, but I always came back to the arts. Whether it was as a form of expression, art therapy or later a goal to become a working artist I began to realize the value of art in my life. We all want to do what we love, but I had a lot of apprehension admitting I wanted to work with glass full time. Read more>>

Marina Oya | Photographer and Video Creator

I chose to pursue art as my career because every since I was a child, it was the only thing that truly connected me to my innermost self. I was able to discover my deepest thoughts, emotions, and perspectives, with everything I created. I started out with drawing, but then eventually discovered film and photography. That is when I really found my calling. I became obsessed with shooting and the way it made me feel to see the things I imagined come to life through my camera lens. After spending a lot of time making my own short films and taking pictures of friends, I started to develop a more conceptual side to my work. The more I did that, the more others took notice. Read more>>

Austin Millz | Artist & Music Producer

I pursued an artistic creative career because music is my passion. I always knew I wanted to do something in the music industry and it has always been a major factor and influence in my life. There were times before I was professionally doing music where I was working outside of music, but music just kept calling. There’s a thrill in music that I don’t get in anything else and it can’t be compared. Read more>>