One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Kym LeGolvan | Attorney Workplace Investigator & Momtrepreneur

I’m an attorney workplace investigator. Companies hire me to investigate allegations of workplace misconduct — such as discrimination, bullying, or harassment. In my investigative process, I bring a unique mix of compassion, empathy, and diligence that allows me to fully vet the merits of any workplace complaints or concerns. This ultimately provides the company with much needed closure, protection from legal liability, and a written report that allows the company to make an informed decision on how to resolve any workplace concerns. As a result, I believe my investigations help promote healthy, happy, and more sustainable places of work. Read more>>

Peter Khem | Team Coordinator & Instructor

Our Lion Dance group is all about promoting community service , spreading cultural awareness and bringing more diversity to the San Diego community . We want Lion Dance to be a multicultural activity and a physical fitness sport . Read more>>

Elisa Johnston | Writer, Speaker & Coach for Creatives and Changemakers

The goal of my business is to empower everyday people to change the world. I guide people through the 5-Phases of Rising Up, helping them go from surprise about in injustice to action, and then a holistic lifestyle. I’ve started non-profits to help everyday people do something about human trafficking and created a guide for parents to teach their kids about mercy and justice. Hopefully, any one who reads a blog post or watches an IG reel will be inspired to action, find a path to take part in a social movement, or give back–even if it is simply smiling at a stranger they’d otherwise ignore! Read more>>

steve watts | Business Owner

My wife Angela and I run multiple direct-to-consumer brands. We started the first (Slyde) in 2010 out of a garage in Venice Beach. From the start, community and the need to make an impact have always been a driving force in everything we do. With Slyde being an ocean-centered product, we focused primarily on ocean clean-ups and community outreach supporting various nonprofit organizations like A Walk On Water, but we knew we could do more. Read more>>

Fay Andersson | Owner and Chief Designer

Louie de Coton is a performance fashion brand for dogs and people. We are a leader in crafting eco-conscious clothings, bags and accessories. We have been taking an active role in helping the community and our environment in various ways. 1) Being ALL American Brand – By that we mean from the start to finish! We design each product carefully with our team in Seattle, Washington. We make all of our samples, and manufacture them here. Read more>>

Hannah McDermott | Designer + Creative Director

From the beginning, I wanted to ensure that Santos Swim was a purpose-driven brand that could have positive impacts on both global and local levels. On a global scale, Santos Swim is a proud partner of Healthy Seas, an environmental initiative dedicated to clearing the oceans of abandoned fishing gear. The UN estimates that 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing gear enter the world’s oceans each year. This “ghost gear” destroys marine habitats and harms wildlife as it erodes over hundreds of years into smaller microplastics. Read more>>