We’re big believers in the value of education, but we still think it’s important to reexamine our most strongly held beliefs and assumptions to ensure we aren’t being irrational.  Sometimes reexamining those basic assumptions can lead to startling realizations and in other instances it only strengthens our convictions.  We asked the community whether college made a positive impact on their life and career because even though we are conditioned to believe that answer is obvious we were curious to see how others felt.

Ina Dimitrova | Event & Wedding Planner

I attended college in Europe and it was mandatory to study at least two foreign languages. I choose French and Russian. We were also required to study the history and art culture of those countries. My education made a huge impact on my life. I’m fascinated bu different cultures and that knowledge influences my work. I’m always excited to incorporate new ideas and multicultural influences into my work. Read more>>

Kelsey Angelotti | Wedding Coordinator + Event Designer

College was such an amazing experience for me. I played collegiate volleyball and was able to make so many great friends through that and learned the importance of balancing work, school, sports, friends, etc. I got my degree in Business Administration which was ultimately the best thing I could have done. I remember struggling to choose a major and my mom gave me the best advice- get your degree in Business, it can translate into so many different avenues. I am so thankful for that piece of advice and so happy I listened to her! College was definitely worth the price tag for me. Read more>>

Bryna Chadwick | Teacher & Photographer

College absolutely made a positive impact on both my life and career. I would not have been able to become a public school teacher without a college education. College gave me the tools necessary to be successful in my chosen career. College also gave me the opportunity to explore a hobby that has now become a side job. Without the ability to take a darkroom photography class in college I would not have discovered the passion I have for photography. There is no doubt, college was worth the price tag. Read more>>

Rachel Devine | Development Coordinator for GenerateHope

I absolutely loved my college experience. It has had a deep impact on my life, my personal formation, and where I am today in my career. I spent all 4 years at my university (PLNU), and I can see the personal growth from freshman year to senior year. I was challenged in my classes, and learned new ways of thinking. Not only that, but the career center on campus helped me make connections –
which have landed me the opportunities I have now in my career. I genuinely love learning, and I’ve always been “good at school”, so I recognize that the traditional college path is not for everyone. Read more>>

Cobi Hopkins | Director of Training & Education

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (Fitness Specialist) from SDSU in 2017 and am now the Director of Training and Education at Stretch U. I would undoubtedly say that college has made a positive impact on my life and career. First off, the degree instantly adds a layer of credibility. Even though I have gained more applicable knowledge in my hands-on internships, certifications, seminars, books, and podcasts, I acknowledge that both new hires and prospective clients instantly give more trust and respect when they know you have your degree. Read more>>

Holly Richardson | Senior Manager & Attorney

My college education made appositive impact on my life and my career. It was definitely worth the price tag. While at college, I took more opportunities and overcame greater challenges than I would have elsewhere. This gave me not only skills for successfully running a business but also the mental fortitude to handle professional and personal problems. Taking a long view with the cost of my college education really helped. It has more than paid for itself over many years. Not everything needs to happen immediately. Read more>>

Jenna Khoury | Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

I think my opinion will be different than most. I went to a large 4 year university, graduated with honors, and went on to dental school, (4 years) and a pediatric specialty (3 years). College is where I became who I am. I had to work hard to climb the ladder, and stand out amongst my peers. My classes were often 500+ students. I did not have the “hollywood” college experience, and spent much of my time studying. Once I was accepted, and started dental school, it occurred to me that many of my peers had attended junior college, and then graduated from a 4 year university. Read more>>