Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Nanor Zinzalian | Photographer

I love the phrase “imperfectly perfect” I use that to guide my work a lot. Relating to photography and my experiences observing others being themselves, the quote holds so much meaning. Something I (and I’m sure a lot of photographers) struggle with is the constant pressure to curate event or portrait sessions. For me, I love when people are being themselves and I’m there capturing it. Read more>>

Adam Gilbert | Broker

Here at The Firm, we have a “Get Sh*t Done!” mentality when it comes to doing business. More of a saying rather than a quote really, but a saying that perfectly captures the kind of hard working team we have here. We use this saying so much, we have a neon sign of it behind my desk! In an industry that is almost entirely referral based, we pride ourselves on upholding a certain reputation of diligence and efficiency in getting these deals closed. Read more>>

Briana von Prisk | Videographer & Owner of BVPVIDS

As a full-time, student and a business owner, I quickly learned that nothing that is easy will be rewarding. I promised myself that I would not drop out of school and to practice doing all projects, assignments, and gigs full-heartedly. Videography is a time-consuming job, and requires several hours filming, uploading, processing, and editing. Read more>>

Victoriah Bech | Founder & Executive Director of nonprofit Starts with One Today.

Every time we serve our community we always start by saying, “everybody is someone’s somebody”. Because everybody who is in line is either someone’s father, mother, cousin, brother. Everyone in line is loved by someone else. The reason why – my dad spent a majority of his life in skid row we could be serving my dad. its so important to remember that no one grows up thinking they’re going to be in skid row; we really value showing everyone compassion and extra grace for the people that a we serve. Read more>>