Deciding to start a business is an unusual decision. It’s often considered irrational and yet for many it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. So we asked folks to think back to when they were starting their businesses and to tell us about their decision making process.

Steve Dilley | Artist, non profit leader, Executive Director.

As an artist it my belief in a profound understanding and acceptance that I had a artistic responsibility to help people in my community. From this deep commitment I started talking about helping Veterans after their service. From this simple idea VETART has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Read more>>

Ryan Carter | Owner/operator of Hall Of Shadows Escape Games

I had spent twenty years in the film/tv industry as a visual effects artist, but that industry went through some major changes around 2015 that resulted in much less work being offered domestically and much of the remaining work was at a lower price point than it ever had been before. All my job experience at that point had revolved around film and TV work, but I had also been involved in a large number of themed entertainment projects such as Halloween haunts, Christmas displays, and festival events. Read more>>

Ginevra Piccinini | Piccinini jewellery

Our long history began way back in 1936, when Afro Piccinini began working in Mantua in a workshop qualified in the repair of antique and modern watches. In 1945 he decided to start his own watch repair business on behalf of various shops in the city. In 1955, with the collaboration of his brother Arnaldo, he opened a laboratory in the very central Via Roma, and the following year he also began marketing antique and modern watches. Read more>>

Jeremy Wilson | Owner of Bro Dot Surfboards @bro.surfboards

I actually never had any plans or intentions to start a custom surfboard business. Truth be told, I’m an uncoordinated klutz that can barely even change a light bulb! Here’s how it all started: I have a buddy that’s my age that I’ve known since high school. We’ve been surfing together for decades. He’s an amazing shaper that also owns his own glassing shop in north county SD. Read more>>

Destiny Huntley | Cupcake designer

When I was 10 I became obsessed with the tv show Cake boss and ever since I have enjoyed baking not just cupcakes but all sorts of pastries. However, I enjoy cupcakes the most because of the fun little details you can put into decorating. I enjoy it and I want others to enjoy the love I put into every batch so Destinyro Cupcakes was created. Read more>>