The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Samantha Coffin | Owner of Matcha Nude, Fertility+ Wellness Coach

Remembering my whys! My whys for starting Matcha Nude run deep. Matcha changed my life in a positive way and I have witness it change others! Together, we can all elevate our lives with intentional action, whether that is drinking a matcha latte or moving your body, whether it’s taking a moment to rest your mindset or volunteering your time. Matcha Nude is so much more than a matcha company, we are a community of people choosing to live life differently, to live life fully and with intention. Read more>>

Dr. Rob Garcia | Business Visibility Consultant

I had to develop a stronger mindset. I hired one of the best business strategy coaches out there with a specialty in spirituality. As I learned from her, I learned to let go of a lot of trauma. Its no coincidence that I broke $20k in a month shortly after. Read more>>

Stephanie Maier | Owner of Wanderlust Commission

Well, before working for myself I had actually stopped painting for almost 10 years. I lost my color vision in a rodeo accident and it destroyed my confidence in my personal abilities. So the single most important decision I have made was literally to let go of trying to control of the situation. To not loose my self in hyper focusing on the details. Read more>>