The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Sean Kesterson | Artist and designer

Trusting in the creative process. Outside of the beautiful world of working for yourself, there is a huge side of it that involves stress. Some days, that puzzle fits, and all the ideas flow like water. The reality is, most days are roadblocks hit with weird admin/business work with about 10% time to create. When you get that space to go into imagination land, sometimes the stars don’t align well. That’s when the creative process comes into to play. Read more>>

Sarita Buer | Soul-Care, Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Deciding to work for myself was a huge pivotal moment in my life and changed the course of my life forever. What I didn’t know when I initially jumped into entrepreneurship is how closely my mindset and even more so my healing are so deeply intertwined. It wasn’t until close to 9 months into my entrepreneurship journey that covid hit, which like many people, forced me to go inward and evaluate myself as a person and how I was showing up. I had taken so much of what I learned from my corporate days, the masculine energy, into my work as an entrepreneur and it didn’t become long sustaining. Read more>>

Will Meara | Health/Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Going with what “feels right” and not selling out. I have been offered multiple higher paying jobs that would have provided more financial stability in the auto industry, as well as the health and fitness field where I would have been making more money, but would not have been nearly as rewarding. Read more>>

Renee Yomtob | Mindset Coach and Trainer

I remember it vividly – I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair, in a chilly hotel ballroom, attending a personal development training, and my eyelids were starting to get heavy, as they tended to do around this time of day as a symptom of my autoimmune disease (Narcolepsy). As my eyes were starting to close, I heard a challenging statistic… 99% of disease is psychosomatic, meaning 99% of diseases start in our mind. Read more>>

Valerie Dawson | Queen Bee & Hive Manager

The most important decision I made that contributed to my success is to keep pushing, and never give up! No matter how challenging it may have been all I knew was that I could not go back to a day job or work for anyone else and my only choice was to keep striving to build my business, there was no other option. Read more>>

Thomas Fates | Manga Artist & Actor

Never giving up. Honestly no matter how cheesy or cliche it may sound I’m truly beginning to understand that simple answers like this are usually the right ones. There were countless days where I second guessed myself and thought maybe I’m waisting my time. But I just couldn’t let it go, creating means to much to me to stop. I’m glad I never did and never will. Read more>>

Manny Ramirez | Businesses Entrepreneur

Starting a business is tough. Especially when I’m thinking of beginning my third company. You need to be fully committed, regardless of what people think of you. Use that to your advantage to accomplish your dream. The Mancave Barbershop and West Coast Trash Haul are 2 of the companies that i put 100% in order to insure they are successful. Time is something critical to me. Having a schedule and planned day is very important in my life to make things go smoothly. Read more>>