The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Madison Kozoyed | Sustainable Designer & Founder of Whatsoever Things are Loverly

Trusting my intuition has been essential to helping this business get to where it is today. When I left my comfortable, full-time job working for a huge global brand to run Whatsoever Things are Loverly full-time, I was uneasy at first. It’s nerve wracking to go against the grain! But trusting that I should follow the joy that I get from this work – fitting people’s big lives into small spaces in a way that’s sustainable and supportive – has been the best decision I’ve made. Read more>>

Samantha Hoffman | Horseback Riding Instructor, Yoga Instructor

The most important decision I have made that has contributed to my success, is committing myself to personal growth. Several years ago I began my journey into the world of personal development, and it changed my life. Learning about and practicing growth mindset allowed me to change my perspectives and become resilient. I have read many books, attended workshops and leadership trainings, listened to podcasts, and surrounded myself with other people who were committed to their growth. I would have never even considered starting my own business, had I not dedicated myself to becoming the best version of me. Entrepreneurialism can be a rollercoaster and I am so grateful to have the tools I have learned to keep going when things get tough. Working on myself has given me the strength to persevere, pivot, fail, and try again. Read more>>

Sophia Nordeno | Martial arts and self-defense instructor

To stay patient and have faith in an organically grown business instead of investing time in things that will only last for a short period. Read more>>