We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Gavin Kelleher-Marciello | Florist/Floral Designer

My ultimate dream is to cultivate a collective of creatives that serves to put beauty into the world in every way possible. In simpler terms, I would love to eventually own a storefront/some sort of brick and mortar where I can work on my designs while allowing other creatives to use the space for community outreach, hosting events, and really everything in-between. I have always had such a deep affection towards community and the importance of creating spaces for “grassroots” activism. Read more>>

Justyne Greenlaw | DJ & Performing Artist

Growing up music has alays been a big part of my life. I have always loved being part of the art community since I was little. It all started when I took to the stage at a young age performing in musical theater productions, which led me to attend an arts school in high school for Dance, to where I then continued my career as a dance major at San Jose State University. Whenever I wan’t at school, working, or dancing – you could catch me at the nearest nightclub or festival living it up with my friends! Read more>>

Lauren Cook | Fashion and Style

I hope the be a part of major fashion campaigns and strategies, specifically in social media with an established company or brand(s). I would love to implement trends and bridge gaps in the industry that have yet to be discovered. Read more>>