Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Myles Mendoza | Designer / Illustrator

I’ve always had a love and appreciation for art since the age of 6. When I graduated high school I discovered that there was this profession called “Graphic Design” where you can make a living creating digital art. I immediately gravitated towards it and never looked back. Read more>>

Sarah Enero | Content Creator, Photographer, and Physical Therapist

I always loved traveling and because of it, I stumbled upon photography. I knew nothing about photography but I wanted my travel photos to look better so I attended workshops and watched endless videos and gained more confidence in using my camera. I started a travel photography blog as a photo diary of my experiences and adventures and have gained great feedback. Then, offers to monetize on my work started coming, and that’s when I learned that this creative path can be a great side hustle. Read more>>

Kyle Lyle | Visual Artist, Writer & Creative Director

Growing up, I used to say that I was randomly assigned to a school, community and an environment I could not really make sense of – I use ‘random’ because that’s how all these factors and institutions perceived and interacted with me. As a child, I was full of life, perspective and invention but there was no room for me. All those testing-years dimmed the personality, talent and creativity was pushed out of me. So-typical-to-an-artist, I went on to start my studies in Law and Politics, and in my last year I graduated but honestly felt unhappy – barely proud that I even graduated. Read more>>

Versell “VERSEatyle” Motley | Hip Hop Influencer

As far as being artistic and making it a career it definitely wasn’t an idea that I planned out, but yet something that came to me out of the love of my arts and talents which enabled me to view my own personal growth throughout all aspects of my life. I’ve had many different occupations such as military, wildland fighter fighting, security, retail, construction, and much more in my lifetime, and I can say that I love my creative career the most because of the freedom, self growth, social connectivity, and empowerment that it includes in the long run. Read more>>

Bri Schillings | Artist

I would say that it was the creative career that chose me (smile). I am honored and devoted for a lifetime. It connected me to myself, the love of my life, Brandon, and has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined, it has also brought me the greatest challenges…but I am a sucker for a good challenge and with the best partner by my side, anything is possible. Stay inspired, BIG LOVE, Bri Read more>>

Sherin Kloer | Interior Decorator

I’ve always been on the creative side and have loved interior design since I was a kid. I’m guessing that came from my mother who was always painting, wall papering and re-arranging furniture. I found myself doing the same in my bedroom when I was young. After college I was in Marketing which gave me that creative outlet. I decided after my daughters were born that I wanted to stay at home with them full-time. Flash forward to now I have an 18 year old and a 20 year old. After 19 years of staying home and decorating my homes, my families homes and friends homes I decided to start my own on-line home decor and interior styling business. Read more>>