Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Cody Cartwright | Photographer

Risk taking has always been a major part of my life, both on a professional and personal level. I’ve always been a mild adrenaline junkie; surfing and skydiving being my two favorite rushes. In 2016, I quit a band that was doing well to move to Hawaii and experience a new way of life and pursue a path into photography. When I started to take the idea of becoming a photographer more seriously, I told myself that I didn’t want to do weddings and that I wanted to be able to work on projects that I have creative input into. Read more>>

Nicholas Novian | Music Producer/DJ

Risk has played a significant role in my life. When I was 18, I decided to move across the country to follow my dreams of being a Music Producer/DJ. When I first arrived in San Diego, I wasn’t sure where to get started or where to go as I didn’t know anyone in the scene. After about a year of being in San Diego, I had met some people who told me about a place called Somewhere Loud. At the time, it was the rave place to go to and so I decided to go check it out and was so amazed that something like this existed so close to where I lived. Read more>>

JP Ramirez | Photographer

Taking risks is one of the scariest things that a person can do because you are literally gambling at a 50/50 chance for something to workout in your favor or not. Risk in my life has been a major part of it. Without risk I wouldn’t be where I am today living a life I’m happy with. Read more>>

Corinne Jackson | Elopement, Wedding, & Portrait Photographer

I think it is so necessary to take risk in life. We hold ourselves back a lot because we fear the risk involved and don’t often think about the rewards. I took a really huge risk starting this career during the pandemic, but I knew if I didn’t go for it now then I would regret it. The reward has completely outweighed the risk and I continue to take risk in my career because as far as I’m concerned…what have I got to lose?? Read more>>

Chloe Caldwell | Travel Writer

Taking risks has probably been the most influential key to building my personal career. For instance, I was working a full-time job when I decided to leave and pursue freelance writing full-time. I followed the gut feeling inside that told me to take that leap of faith, and that was the moment when everything changed for me. Of course, taking risks also means there’s a chance of failure. However, the more you try and fail, the more you can learn and grow in ways that will help you further down the road. The point is TRYING and taking that risk in the first place, no matter what it might be. You never know where it might lead. For me, it’s (literally) taken me places I never imagined as a travel writer. Read more>>

Joe Allred | Singer-Songwriter

No risk, no reward. No guts, no glory. Taking risks is everything. The other day I saw something my friend posted about how from ages 21 to 30 is the decade people give up on their dreams. If people are in that decade of life it is the refiner’s fire for those who will able to reach their dreams and those who will settle for school or a job. My dad is a pathologist (an MD) and he wanted me to be a dentist. For a while I thought that I would do that. But while I was doing my undergrad I was always writing songs. Read more>>

Iman Rosario | Destination Event Extraordinaire

Taking risks is the main action that I constantly do that has gotten me to the point of starting a successful business. Risks are essential to finding out exactly what you want to do within your life both professionally and personally. It started in college with taking a risk to go to the University of Arizona to try and walk on to the athletic department’s soccer team, after making the team and then getting cut I was left still wanting to be within athletics. I then saw that the women’s basketball team was hiring for student managers. Read more>>

Brandyn Guerrero | Serial entrepreneur

Risk is one of those words that most people tend to stay away from because it involves fear. Taking an educated risk can change the course to your life to find your purpose on why you are here on this earth. Most people always say that there isn’t a guarantee when taking a risk and that is true but it is a guarantee that their life won’t change if they don’t incorporate educated risks. Almost no one ever reflects on the idea that they take a risk walking out their front door and there’s no guarantee they will make it back. Read more>>

Rob Wessels | Photography | Videography | Marketing

Risk: a situation involving exposure to danger. I believe risk is very subjective. To some extent my entire life is based upon risk or assessing risk and acting accordingly. The activities I enjoy and do on a regular basis all under the worst case scenario could end in death. Death can be another subjective concept. Not following your passion or exploring your purpose I believe leads to death in the context of loss of soul or identity. Decisions I make in life and business are all weighed against the possible outcome of death. I also feel that calculation when navigating risk is very important. Operating in risky situations without calculation makes you reckless. Calculation does not remove the potential negative outcomes. But can statistically make them less likely. I would rather do and fail continually than never try.. Ultimately, facing risk, failing and overcoming has helped me fearlessly experience more of what this life has in store for me. Read more>>

Joia Clifford | Holistic Nutritionist & Hormone Health Coach

I tried living a risk-averse life, and I soon discovered it wasn’t for me. I got my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering mainly because I knew that it would afford me job security, but not far into my first real job I realized that it was not my long-term path. My freedom and passion was not a fair trade for a steady paycheck and two weeks of vacation. Though it took time, I learned to lean into the uneasy feeling of taking risks. I let myself admit that I wanted a totally different career and life path. I allowed myself to reignite my passion for nutrition, health and wellness. Read more>>

Mylor Davis | Son, brother, father ,uncle Designer, philanthropist

Risk-taking I will have to say that’s the biggest part of any career . without risk it makes life dull and vanilla. The biggest risk Bare fruit of great reward. 2015 I started on this journey . I started training my mind . Preparing for an event that I’ll be able to reach so many and inspire. 2017 I came to San Diego on vacation . I walked across the jetty in Mission beach the same way I walked across it yesterday. I knew I lived here . Almost as if I would have walked past my future self . I make socks being in San Diego made since because no one wears socks. Perfect place to sell socks lol . Read more>>

Lakeya Cherry | CEO & Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Risk-taking is scary but necessary. I avoided taking risks in many aspects of my life because I was afraid. I would imagine every possible thing that could go wrong, so to protect myself I would not bet on myself. Now, while scary, I understand how necessary these risks are and how important it is for me to bet on myself and take a chance regardless of what the outcome will be. It may take longer for me to take the risk, but I’d rather know than not know. Either way, I will grow. Read more>>

Oscar Barron | General Sales & Chief Executive Officer

Risks have been part of my life since I was a child, my family always risked everything for me to have a better life and stay focused on what really mattered. Seeing my parents risk everything for me to be able to grow and develop a better education in the United States made me realize that without risk there is no success. With business, I have always risked and taken everything opportunity in order to be able to move forward. I have now learned how to take educated risks, but there are still times where you still learn from mistakes. Read more>>

Tyler Drehobl | Photographer and Videographer

When it comes to taking risks in my life I follow one simple criteria that I have found to work for me over the years. Before moving forward wi to anything in my life I ask myself this question: “Does doing this give me fulfillment?” I am a firm believer in the pursuit of fulfillment over anything else. In my experience the pursuit of success is often at the cost of the pursuit of happiness and the same rings true when the roles are reversed. The pursuit of fulfillment on the other hand not only evokes both feelings of happiness and feelings of success, but even more importantly allows you to do so from a place of authenticity. Read more>>

Brian Lee | Co-Founder at Roamli

It’s tough to determine why people take risks. Sometimes it’s from emotion, sometimes it’s out of desperation, and sometimes it’s just for fun. The most important rule I try to follow is that all risks should be calculated to a certain extent. Whether that’s starting a business, gambling at a casino, or investing in cryptocurrencies/equities, there should be a certain point that you’re willing to walk away. Read more>>

Gunay Miriyeva | Makeup artist

I think life is about risks, if you don’t take risks, how do you grow? I have taken huge risks in my life and never regret about it because if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My first huge risk was leaving everything behind and move to the United States to start my life from 0 (zero). It was scary but I was ready to pursue my dreams and I knew there were no other ways. To this day I continue taking risks because that is how you learn and overcome your fears. Read more>>

Melissa Trejo | Baker and mom of two

Risk has been crucial. Before I started my own business I wAs working as an accountant but I was always interested in bakery, my job was in a bakery supplies store, so I had the chance to get the products as easily as I needed them, and since I started making cakes for my family everything chance because everybody noticed that I was good, they recommended me with friends and suddenly I was making more money than my regular income so I decided to jump into the entrepreneur life. That was the risk I took and has been worth it. I had been working for 9 years in the same place, but the last year I changed my location and it was like starting all over again, a new country, a new language, It has not been easy but I am grateful for the opportunity to live this experience. Read more>>

Amy Blankemeier | Founder & Host of THE SIX FOUR Podcast

As an entrepreneur, risk factor is considered in every aspect of my career and life, but I believe without taking risks we limit our human potential. When starting my podcast, THE SIX FOUR, it was scary not only to start the business, but to put my voice, opinions, and music taste out into the world (literally!). I’m an introvert, so taking this step was huge for me. Once I made the decision, recorded the first episode, and put it out on the internet, the response was incredible. I received so much support and love which made taking the risk worth it. When you believe in yourself and what you’re doing, I think that changes the level of risk, too. I believe in the product I’m creating and am so passionate about the work I do that I will stop at nothing to succeed. With this approach, it makes things seem a lot less risky! Read more>>

Bruno Streck Rodrigues | Actor & Educator

Risk-taking has always played a significant part in my life. When I watched “High School Musical” for the first time in Brazil when I was still in Middle School, I knew I wanted to be an actor in musical theatre. Still, I was facing one major challenge: musical theatre did not exist in Brazil at the time, and it is only barely starting today. Knowing these challenges, I took a significant risk that many immigrants know all too well. I moved to a new country where I knew I could follow my dreams, leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. First, I came for a year in High School in 2012 and returned to study theatre in 2014. Read more>>